VuFind Release 5.0.1: Library Resource portal

  • Users can view their circulation history in “My Account” (when supported by the ILS and enabled in the configuration). This is disabled by default for privacy reasons. See pull request #1031 and getMyTransactionHistory in the ILS driver spec for implementation details.
  • Users may now delete their own accounts through the “Profile” page (when the new account_deletion setting is turned on; this is disabled by default). See pull request #1105 for details.
  • User session data may now be encrypted by turning on the secure setting in the [Session] section of config.ini (see pull request #1200).
  • Last login date and method are now stored in the database to assist with user management.
  • The Channels interface has been significantly improved, with bug fixes and a more streamlined look and feel.
  • New ILS-driven channel providers: new items, recently returned items, trending items.
  • The content of the search home page (facet lists, ILS status warnings, etc.) is now much more configurable and easier to customize through the introduction of a new Content Block plugin mechanism.
  • Geographic functionality now uses Leaflet instead of OpenLayers and has some richer functionality, including better representation of search results and the ability to choose custom base maps.

More details are here

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